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Climate change drives migratory range shift via individual plasticity in shearwaters.

Lewin P*, Wynn J*, Arcos JM, Austin R, Blagrove J, Bond S, Carrasco G, Delord K, Fisher-Reeves L, García D, Gillies N, Guilford T, Hawkins I, Jaggers P, Kirk C, Louzao M, Maurice L, McMinn M, Micol T, Morford J, Morgan G, Moss J, Miquel Riera E, Rodriguez A, Siddiqi-Davies K, Weimerskirch H, Wynn R, Padget O. 

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). Accepted publication.


Electronic tagging and tracking aquatic animals to understand a world increasingly shaped by a changing climate and extreme weather events. 

Lennox RJ, Afonso P, Birnie-Gauvin K, Dahlmo LS, Nilsen CI, Arlinghaus R, Cooke SJ, Souza AT, Jaric I, Prchalova M, Riha M, Westrelin S, Twardek W, Aspillaga E, Kraft S, Smejkal M, Baktoft H, Brodin T, Hellstrom G, Villegas-Rios D, Vollset KW, Adam T, Sortland LK, Bertram MG, Crossa M, Vogel EF, Gillies N, Reubens J. 

Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. DOI:

Albatross movement suggests sensitivity to infrasound cues at sea.

Gillies N*, Martin Lopez LM*, den Ouden OFC, Assink JD, Basille M, Clay T, Clusella-Trullas S, Joo R, Weimerskirch H, Zampolli M, Zeyl JN, Patrick SC.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), 120 (42) e2218679120. DOI:

Links between personality, reproductive success and re-pairing patterns in a long-lived seabird.

McCully FR, Descamps S, Harris SM, Mckendrick F, Gillies N, Cornell SJ, Hatchwell BJ, Patrick SC. 

Ethology, 129(12): 686–700 DOI:

Boldness predicts plasticity in flight responses to winds.

Gillies N, Weirmerskirch H, Thorley J, Clay TA, Martin Lopez LM, Joo R, Basille M, Patrick SC

Journal of Animal Ecology, 92(9): 1730-1742. DOI:


Optimization of dynamic soaring in a flap-gliding seabird affects its large-scale distribution at sea.

Kempton JA*, Wynn J*, Bond S, Evry J, Fayet AL, Gillies N, Guilford T, Kavelaars M, Juarez-Martine I, Padget O, Rutz C, Shoji A, Syposz M, Taylor G. 

Science Advances, 8(22). DOI:

Early-life development of contrasting outbound and return migration routes in a long-lived seabird.

Wynn J,  Guilford T, Padget O, Perrins CM, McKee N, Gillies N, Tyson C, Dean B, Kirk H, Fayet AL.

Ibis, 164: 596-602. DOI:

Resource allocation underlies parental decision-making during incubation in the Manx Shearwater.

Gillies N, Padget O, Syposz M, Bond S, Guilford T.

Ornithology, 139(3). DOI:

Shearwaters sometimes take long homing detours when denied natural outward journey information.

Padget O, Gillies N, Syposz M, Lockley E, Guilford T.

Biology Letters, (18) 20210503.20210503. DOI: 

Exploring the mechanisms of coordinated chick provisioning in the Manx shearwater (Puffinus puffinus). 

Gillies N, Tyson C, Wynn J, Syposz M, Vansteenbergh C, Guilford T (2022) 

Journal of Avian Biology, 1. DOI:


Predicting source populations of vagrants using breeding population data: a case study of the Lesser Black-backed Gull (Larus fuscus).

Zawadzki LC, Hallgrimsson GT, Veit RR, Rasmussen LM, Boertmann D, Gillies N, Guilford T.

Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 9. DOI:

Avoidance of different durations, colours and intensities of artificial light by adult seabirds. 

Syposz M, Padget O, Willis J, Van Doren BM, Gillies N, Fayet AL, Wood MJ, Alejo A, Guilford T.

Scientific Reports, 11, 18941. DOI:

Responses of Manx shearwaters to handicapping and its implications for the coordination of care.

Gillies N, Syposz M, Wynn J, Vansteenberghe C, Guilford T. 

Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 9:655923. DOI:

Allopreening in the Black-browed Albatross (Thalassarche melanophris): an exploration of patterns and possible functions. 

Gillies N, Guilford T, Catry P. 

Ibis, 163(4): 1175-1188. DOI:

Consistent concentrations of critically endangered Balearic shearwaters in UK waters revealed by at-sea surveys. 

Phillips JA, Banks AN, Bolton M, Brereton T, Cazenave P, Gillies N, Padget O, van der Kooij J, Waggitt J, Guilford T.

Ecology and Evolution, 11(4): 1544-1557. DOI:


Short-term behavioural impact contrasts with long-term fitness consequences of biologging in a long-lived seabird.

Gillies N, Fayet AL, Padget O, Syposz M, Wynn J, Bond S, Evry J, Kirk H, Shoji A, Dean B, Freeman R, Guilford T.

Scientific Reports, 10, 15056. DOI:

An assay to investigate factors influencing initial orientation in nocturnally fledging seabirds.

Syposz M, Padget O, Wynn J, Gillies N, Fayet AL, Guilford T.

Journal of Avian Biology, 52(1). DOI: